Vacant or Model Home Staging

Surprisingly, most buyers cannot visualize what the possibilities are for an empty room. So even if your vacant property is perfect in every way, an empty house just doesn’t feel like “home” – and home buying is as much an emotional decision as it is a business decision.


Rental Furniture & Lemon Tree Accessories

Model Home StagingThe first step is to view the home and determine which rooms would benefit most from staging.  Usually, it is not necessary to stage all rooms in a home.  Photos and measurements will likely be taken during our visit. After viewing the space and meeting with you, your Lemon Tree stager will prepare a bottom-line, all-inclusive cost estimate.  The estimate will include furniture, decorative accessories, delivery, pick-up and professional staging services.


“Key Rooms” Option For Vacant Homes

Vacant Home StagingThis is our most popular – and most cost effective – option, perfect for an average-size vacant home. Many vacant homes can benefit from staging just the “key rooms” while still giving potential buyers the feeling of a beautiful home. Our “Key Rooms” package provides furniture and accessories to complete a lovely living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Sometimes staging just the “key rooms” is just what you need to sell your home!



ModelHomeIf you have an investment property that needs a special touch — whether you would like to use it to promote development, feature it in your marketing materials, or show as a rental property — our model home staging “adds the polish” that will delight prospective buyers. Contact Lemon Tree Staging for more information.


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